How to Kill Silverfish

How To Kill Silverfish | Introduction

You probably wish you know how to kill silverfish when you see the little bugs crawling all over your precious collection of books. If you have children that are anything like mine, you will probably hear screams of disgust and by then you will be dying to know how to kill silverfish! Silverfish is one of the oldest bugs on earth and is said to have been in existence for millions of years. Its scientific name is Lepisma Saccharina.

Get Rid Of Silverfish

Basically, silverfish are not dangerous nor are they poisonous but most people cannot stand the sight of them. The biggest damage they can do is to bore holes in your books, clothes and any kind of paper. It is not a pretty sight to see those holes and some dead silverfish and its feces spread all over the house. Imagine how embarrassed you will be when you have guests come visit. It can also be frightening to some because silverfish attract spiders. Therefore, you will end up having to deal with spiders also if you have silverfish in your home.

How To Kill SilverfishHow To Kill Silverfish Naturally

Many people are curious about knowing how to kill silverfish naturally. The first thing in knowing how to kill silverfish is to identify areas in your home where silverfish flourish. Check humidity levels in those areas. Places where humidity levels are higher than 75% are sure to be infested by silverfish. Again, these areas are the bathrooms, basements and cracks in the floor or ceiling.

As Silverfish are nocturnal bugs, areas where natural light does not come in at all are sure to be hangouts of the silverfish. These would be the attic, the basement, rooms and bathrooms that are seldom used. Clean up the bathrooms and make sure drains, bathroom walls, and counter tops are dry.

Get rid of their food source! Like any living creature, if they go hungry, silverfish will eventually die. How do you do that? Silverfish do not like open spaces so tidy up the house and get rid of any clutter. There is no place for them to hide in open spaces. Make sure the floor is clean at all times. Also clean out counter tops, cabinets where you store your books, and even tables. There should be no crumbs anywhere. That will attract them, too. Check your closet where you have shoes and bags kept. Dust them out.

Since most people store old stuff in the basement, clearing up this space will be a challenge for anyone. Old books, newspapers and magazines are food favorites. Send them to a paper-recycling center instead of storing them in your basement. If you have to keep important papers, keep them in well-sealed plastic containers where small bugs like silverfish cannot get through. Have a garage sale and get rid of all those old and unused clothes.

How to kill silverfish yourself

Try cockroach sticky paper traps. You can find this in any supermarket or hardware store.

You can also trap silverfish in a jar. Find an old empty jar and make sure it is very clean. Cover the outer part of the jar to bar light from passing through. It is advisable to use masking tape as it has a rough surface, which will facilitate the silverfish to climb into the jar. When it gets inside the jar, it will have difficulty getting out because the glass surface inside is slippery and smooth. Do not forget to put some bait. Your bait can be a moist piece of paper or cotton fabric or any starchy food like cereal or flour.

If you find silverfish in important papers that you wish to keep, place them in a plastic bag with some desiccant like silica gel. Seal it and keep in the freezer for approximately three days. The cold temperature will kill the bugs.

Keep your home spic and span. A minimalist interior is advisable since less clutter means less bugs.

Check around the house for cracks where silverfish may be hiding. Cover those cracks with putty or silicone caulk.

You can also apply diatomaceous+ earth in corners around the house. These are available in hardware stores. Be sure to specify that you want to get the food-grade kind of diatomaceous earth. However, keep pets and children away from it. It is not good for the respiratory system.
You can also use poison like borax but it may not be healthy for you or your family to inhale it.

It is also good for you to note that combining a few of these methods will tell you how to kill silverfish naturally.

Use These Tips To Prevent Silverfish From Breeding

These are a few of the very helpful tips that tell us how to kill silverfish naturally.

  • Put measures in place that will decrease the humidity in your home. Not only do you get rid of the silverfish but you also will be able to avoid having other bugs and insects in your home like termites and ants. And we all know how much more annoying and costly it is to have your home infested by any of those bugs.
  • Vacuum your home once a week. A weekly routine of vacuuming your home is highly recommended. Use the different gadgets of the vacuum cleaner which will be able to suck into all those cracks and small holes in the walls and flooring to take away those bugs. Once you spot those cracks, make sure you patch them up or seal them permanently. Do not forget to wear a dust mask to protect yourself from inhaling anything when vacuuming your home. This is one of the best natural methods that tells us how to kill silverfish naturally.
  • Exposure to Heat and Cold Temperature. Once you reduce the humidity in your home, installing a heater to warm and dry the problem area might be a very good idea. Silverfish also cannot survive if it is too cold. This is the reason why you will not find silverfish in the freezer.
  • Microwave Radiation. A kitchen microwave is not useful only for cooking and heating up food. You can place small items infested with silverfish inside the microwave for about 30 to 60 seconds. Make sure though that you don’t place anything that has metals in the item. It is dangerous to put any metal inside the microwave.
  • Dry Stored Articles. If you do not want to remove items in your basement and other areas that are moist and damp, schedule regular airing of items stored in these areas. Drying them once in a while will lessen the possibility of mold to multiply and be an inviting environment for silverfish.

Hope you have enjoyed the above and have learned some tips on how to kill silverfish.

Get Rid of Silverfish for Good

Get Rid of Silverfish

To get rid of silverfish is something you might want to consider seriously if you have seen them roaming in your home. Silverfish are small annoying little bugs that scurry into the sink and bathtub drains when you turn the light on. They multiply fast. So how do you get rid of silverfish? Be aware that they love damp areas.

Get Rid of Silverfish - Metallic-ColoredHow to Get Rid of Silverfish

One of the first things you can do before you get rid of silverfish is to prevent long-term stay of these little creatures, also known as Lepisma saccharina, in the scientific circles, is to buy a de-humidifier for your bathroom, kitchen or basement; wherever you have the infestation problem. They are known for eating starchy foods so keep that in mind; you will want your home to be free of food debris.

Get Rid Of Silverfish

The de-humidifier many only be a band-aid fix. Contributing problems include no stove-top ventilation when boiling water, a leaky pipe somewhere in your basement or bathroom cupboards and a “sweating” toilet. No ventilation in your bathroom while running a hot shower will surely dampen the room damp for the silverfish to prosper.

Figuring out the sources of dampness in your home can certainly be daunting. Take it one step at a time, improving or removing one source of dampness or leak. If you are part of a family that takes multiple hot showers a day, I would start with getting proper ventilation to take up all the excess steam. Run the de-humidifier right outside the door and in the hallway. If your basement is damp, either run the de-humidifier and/or a heater to keep it warm. Warm air will cause moisture to rise into the air. Otherwise, you will see condensation on the pipes and even the concrete floor.

Now that we’ve established where they like to dwell and what to do about that, now it’s time to get down to work and declare war on these pestering insects. It’s time to kill silverfish and get rid of silverfish!

Ways to Get rid of Silverfish

There are a few solutions available for you to get rid of silverfish. The natural solution would be to mix half water and half vinegar. You may not like the smell, well neither do they. It’s a natural deterrent. Spray this in the corners of your walls, along where the wall meets the floor and behind the toilet. Spray it into your bathtub at night to keep them out. The next day, your first shower will wash that away.

For a more forceful approach to get rid of silverfish, try half water, half ammonia. This is more lethal and definitely more of a deterrent. Keep this concoction away from the kids and small animals. Spray this in slightly more in-conspicuous areas. You shouldn’t be as leisurely as you were with the vinegar mix because you have to think of the smell (it is far worse) and keeping your pets and children away from it. With that said, don’t be shy either. Make it count is all I’m saying. They won’t like this mixture one little bit.

Another solution that my neighbor has tried to get rid of silverfish is using borax powder and boric acid (borates). This will kill the insects for good, but again, if you haven’t fixed your humidity problems then they will simply move to another area of your house looking for food and dampness.

It’s important to be vigilant. Like a flea problem, you want to clean everything. Clean the insides of your cupboards to make sure no crumbs of food are left for them. Clean along all of the corners of the walls and along the floor with bleach if you want. Vacuum inside the couch and chairs as many a potato chip makes there residence there. Find the leaks in your home, improve the dampness by increasing heating, getting ventilation or buying a de-humidifier and you will be well on your to permanently remove your silverfish problem. If you already having ventilation in your bathroom close the door when you are done taking a hot shower and let the ventilation do its thing.

Silverfish can live for up to a year without food. Their normal life cycle is anywhere from 2 to 8 years. With all of the above said, we know that the absolute best way to get rid of silverfish is to simply keep a dry home. They need anywhere from 50% to 75% humidity to stay alive or they will dry up. Keep a barometer in your home to check your humidity levels on a daily basis.

So, we hope what you get from this post is basically two strategies to get rid of silverfish. To contain the immediate problem, you need to decide the method to be used to kill silverfish. This will take care of the immediate nuisance caused by the little bugs. For long term solution, you need to get rid of silverfish by making your home not conducive for their growth and survival. As you can see, get rid of silverfish is not difficult once you apply these two concepts.

Finally, we hope you have learned a thing or two to get rid of silverfish. We invite you to return often to explore more tips to get rid of silverfish.

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